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The Province and City of Winnipeg today announced funding for a new research chair at the University of Manitoba that will build better, more efficient city infrastructure. Ahmed Shalaby will hold the new Municipal Infrastructure Chair.

He is a professor of civil engineering who specializes in pavement design and highway materials. In this new role he will focus on improving the materials and design of municipal infrastructure elements, ensuring roads are built at optimal life-cycle cost with the most appropriate and innovative materials.

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We can say they are bilingual, but the ranges of bilingualism depend on the conditions of their upbringing and their contact with both languages. How do you teach the art of translation here at Duke? In the Spanish class I co-teach with Professor Melissa Simmermeyer, among other projects, students shadow an interpreter at Duke Hospital, and hear from professionals who tackle translation and interpretation every day.

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The world is smaller and more connected than ever. More and more businesses and non-profits are going global, and candidates with knowledge of other languages are assets and are in great demand. There is currently a lack of translators qualified to meet those demands.